In the memory of the “Memories”



Past always has an influence on – our actions, our attitude, our perspectives and our prejudices.

Past remains as present in our memories. It replays on and on until it fades away…

Than what about those memories which we never let go? What keeps us clinging to it, we carry it along and nurture it everyday, every moment. This memories are forbidden to remember and you are terrified to forget.

A quote from one of the best selling teen novel (thats what it has been labeled as) – “Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk.” caught my attention by its collar while scanning the internet. I got the context in which the person would have quoted this line in the novel – separation.

Separation to an extent of extinction, even the memories created, nurtured and forgotten are forbidden even to be remembered again. A parasite dwelling within the womb of consciousness, feeding itself on every remembrance of that memory.

Than how to deal with this? Priceless question that no “10 tips” or “How to” books or posts would really answer. All you need is a sane self.

Sanity is subjective from person to person and time to time. What is sane to do now can be insane even to be remembered later. Actions have consequences and only we ourselves need to deal with it. A sane state of mind that understands the consequences of the present actions on future reactions is difficult to gain and maintain. All it needs is a prick of this parasitic thought to spiral into an insane action. This actions leave a mark on the memory lane – hardwires itself into the neurological pathways that shapes your perspective towards life.

I am not here to advice or say, I am just here to share. For the memories forbidden, lets venture further into it as we all always do with forbidden things of life …. push the limits and explore. May be someday, some moment, you would really know …

Is it worth to remember or be remembered?


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