Welcome readers and readers between-the-lines!


Greetings from an amateur photographer and a novice blogger.

I have been away from the blogging trend for two reasons – first I am a terrible writer, second I get bored soon when it comes to writing.

But again, why not blog. The potential power of blogs should be utilised and the results & reasons for doing so is just a google search away.

So what should be my blog about, I did pondered upon it for long (read avoiding) than I thought why not just write on pictures that I click or will be clicking.

So welcome you all to my blog “Moxc Clicktures” – a page where you will find photos with a word or two about them – my thoughts.

Hope you like it … and I hope that this is not the only post on this blog.

Looking forward to your support

MOXC  aka Monish Maitra


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