PEACE Anyone?


Oh yes Peace!

We know the word, come across it many times, desire it and work hard to lose it.

I am not talking of the world peace, not capable of doing so. What I am referring to is the state of inner peace.

Peace for us is defined by our five senses. The fragrance of brand bottled or the taste of an expensive delicacy or the sight of a luxury possession or the medley of the exclusive composition or the sensual touch of a desire. We define and determine state of the inner peace by what we can sense.

Are we in peace or not? Is determined by the presence or absence these objects of desires and fancies. We as a present day human have objectified peace. Peace for us is related to materialistic things and in-flesh people.

Inner peace is beyond any object, sense and in-flesh person. Peace is a feeling of nothingness where only you & you have a conversation that delights all the senses. Peace is not from out to inside but the other way – Peace should flow from within you to the outside world. Peace in, Peace out.

Question is how to be peaceful from inside. How to attain peace at the times of chaos and conflict? Yes we do remember the word peace when we are churning from within. I would again say, I am not here to preach or teach but to share.

To be peaceful, fake the state of peacefulness.

We as a being of intelligence and rational, tend to fake. We have mastered the act of faking. Trick your mind that it is in peace. Fake that smiles, fake that happiness, and fake everything that happens to you after you attain peace. I say to people around me – Be happy, Be Smiling. Even when not happy be smiling. This act of faking a smile gives you the state of happiness. Try it to see.

It is you, who have to decide what is the true meaning of peace rather than other things and people decide it for you. Even your senses cannot decide it for you.

Fake the peace within you, so that it is a reality outside.


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