A Hello from the Dungeon


If you ask Jung, he would say there are 16 types of personality that you will find in this world. So it means 7 billion earthlings can be put into 16 boxes according to their personality. Impressive!

And there are different thinkers who agree and disagree to Jung.

Adding to these theories and philosophies of personality, I would say there are three types of personality.

First, the Routine Personality – the visible one.

What we see and let others see is the Routine Personality. Routine Personality is shaped by the way we have been living. Our upbringing, schooling, rules of society, terms of the interpersonal relationships, our ethics, our experiences, our commitments and the expectations of the people that matter to us – shape and develop the Routine Personality.

Second, the Closet Personality – the hidden one.

What we see but others around us can’t is the Closet Personality. Fears, inhibitions, restrictions and dark desires feed the Closet Personality and push it deeper into the hidden compartments of self. You open this closet for your self only. You play with it, regret about it and finally you enjoy being it in your secret space. You take a responsibility to hide it, its like a pledge you take– cross your heart till you die types.

And there is, the Dungeon Personality – the invisible one.

A personality that dwells in your unconscious mind. It is so deep within you that you have never thought of its existence, even on a subconscious level. This breeds on your denials. He is your own Mr. Hyde.

We deal with situations around us, using the Routine or the Closet Personality and whatever we deny to deal with, is the food for the Dungeon Personality. He is like the locked up monster within you, feasting on your denials to tackle the truth around you, just waiting to say Hello to you… one day.

I got my Hello from the Dungeon.

The day, I don’t want to remember but can’t refuse its occurrence. It looked like any other day of my life, just the routine and a moment changed me. When it came out of me, I felt possessed by the monster. I was just a spectator to his actions and responses. My conscious was paralysed and my subconscious dazzled and destroyed. He left a deep mark on my existence. Was it really me? How can that happen? How can I do that? … Questions that still trouble my nights.

How can we prevent this monster coming out of us?

Answer, You can’t.

As I say, I am not here to instruct or incept, I am just here to share. We have to accept the fact that this situation is bound to occur as denial is only going feed the Dungeon Personality further. All we can do is to be prepared for it and also be prepared to face whatever happens after the occurrence. We need to accept the fact that it is a part of us. Whatever he will do was to be done someday. More we deny, more stronger he shall become in his actions. Acceptance is the key that will lock the monster back into the dungeon again.

There is a dungeon within each one of us, waiting to be opened! Has it been opened already for you?


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